Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about your business?


Mufasa Creative & Company is a Brand & Style Agency. We help transform personal brands and public figures become more memorable. We believe in longevity and legacy! We specialize in the fashion and entertainment industry. Our services include image consulting, photography, videography, website and graphic designs. We have worked with Missy Elliott, Atlantic Records, The Recording Academy (Grammy's), News, NFL, Fuji Film, New York Fashion Week. Even if you are not in the industry we still work with everyday entrepreneurs to deliver a high quality brand.


Where are you located?

Our Headquarters is based in Richmond, VA. If you are out of state travel costs will be included.


Why should we choose your Agency?


We actually care! Most Branding agencies get the job done and try to keep you as a client to keep business rolling. When we first interview our potential clients, it is to see if we are a good match to continue doing business. We love our clients like friends and check on them to see how they are doing mentally. We understand that founders, entrepreneurs, public figures have high stress levels and most times don't take care of themselves. We are authentic and brutally honest. Most industry people have “yes men” around them and we are not here for that. We are trustworthy, transparent and dedicated in our work !


How can you help me?


Our Agency is more than marketing and media. We help brand our clients from the inside out that is why our podcast is called Styling the Soul. Anyone can dress a person up to make them appealing on the outside but how does the inside look? That is why our clients choose us, we actually care!


What makes your Agency better?


I don’t believe we are better than anyone else we are authentic to us and that makes us different.


How do we Contact you?

You can email us